Amputee Cycling Videos

Check out these amazing videos of amputees cycling! They are the perfect inspiration to get you started. These are just a small selection. There are plenty of others on

If you have any other video material that you can recommend or want to take your own video of your cycling efforts to share with everyone, send it along to us at

Don't forget, it's always worth getting the support from an approved cycling instructor whilst learning.  A good place to start getting to know more about it all is Cycling UK (

You never know, you might just get the bug and become an instructor yourself!

Amputee Stories, Blogs and Forums

Because we can never get enough of amputee cycling, here are some more articles and blog sites that you might find useful, practical and inspirational.

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Want to start your own blog about amputee or accessible cycling? Take a look at for lots of useful tips and advice.