We have had some excellent feedback on Stumps and Cranks (the book and the website) so far. Here are some of the comments to date:

Gil Alzaga

Hi, I just discovered your site. I'm a AKA and recently uploaded a U-tube video on modifications I made to my mountain bike to enable me to get back riding. Three changes include: 

- SPD pedals to keep my prosthetic side on the pedal,

- a dropper post to enable me to get on and off the bike and to raise when riding and

- a triathlon saddle with shorter horn so that it does not rub against the top of my socket.

Great to see a book on the subject, I'm sure many of us will find this helpful and it will improve our lives greatly. When I was looking for solutions to my "challenges" to get back on my bike I did not find much out there so I would be honoured if this video and/or information would be a small contribution to someone. I am including a link to the video I up loaded to U-tube. Thanks again, it's great to have Stumps and Cranks out there for us. https://youtu.be/StP5InlQIac

Alan, Scottish Amputees.

I just wanted to say that I received the book a few days ago and that I am loving it so far, jammed packed with useful information and inspirational stories -- thank you again and very much looking forward to continuing my read through it. 

I also wanted to quickly mention a fairly new amputee charity in Scotland - http://findingyourfeet.net/ - who are very active with local communities, events and support groups.  They just held their annual cycle of the island of Arran for the 3rd year but this year a few of us amputees joined the 90k ride and either completed it solo or on tandems.  Some local press picked up on the story too - http://stv.tv/news/west-central/1364030-amputees-complete-gruelling-charity-cycle-around-arran/ - and I thought you may appreciate the share. 

To be honest I've only been an amputee for 3 years and got back into cycling within the last year so I'm only starting to gauge how big and active any local community groups are; through the Finding Your Feet charity we are networking amputees to groups, clubs and activities of which cycling is one and in conjunction with another charity, FreeWheel North, who help disabled and able bodied people get into cycling, they have been able to get amputees onto saddles on a few occasions with great success. I have mentioned your book to their members and will continue to do so and equally through my own amputee support group, the practical and technical information in the book is invaluable but the stories of achievement are phenomenal - the WEB site is enjoyable too. Thanks again.


Here's a lovely photo of James riding a tag a long at 7 yrs old  from Buckinghamshire in the U.K. Taken at Sandy Balls Holiday Village in the New Forest UK 2015 where they are about to set off on an 11 mile family bike ride. James is an amputee with a short stump and no knee, straight leg gait, foot parked on a static pedal for balance.