Amputee & Cycling Organisations in the UK


You won't be surprised to know that the amputee community is a substantial one with organisations that deliver information, advice, training and support on lots of issues that affect those without limbs.

Here are a few of the main ones in the UK. Get in touch - there is lots of fun and laughter to be had despite having lost a limb or three and the people involved in these organisations are really inspirational and supportive. 


Limbless Association:

Douglas Bader Foundation:


Reach Limited:


These aren't the only ones of course and each country will have either an amputee or general disability organisation you can contact for that all important support.

Send in your suggestions for organisations to and we'll do our best to add them onto the site.


So you want to learn how to ride a bike despite not having a limb? Well, now it's really easy as there are plenty of bike choices available.

The organisations listed below are some of the fun places where you can try out different types of bikes suitable for disabled people.

Many of these are charities so enjoy yourself even more by volunteering and helping other disabled people cycle - it's irresistible. Spokes, cranks, hooks and all.... 

Pedal Power:

Handcycling UK:

Charlotte's Tandems:

Companion Cycling:

Bikeability Wales:

Bikeability Scotland:

Wheels for Wellbeing:

Wheels for All and Pedal Away: