With such a daring concept as a book about cycling for amputees it is good to know we have the professional support of an excellent publisher: Meyer & Meyer Sport. They have a strong reputation in sports publishing with topics ranging from gymnastics, endurance sports to team based games. 

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Top Review of Kindle Edition

By Spencer in Seattle

I have read a lot of books about cycling, and this is the first one in a long time that I couldn't put down. At first, I was amazed at how many case histories (relating to amputation) are packed into this book, as it's not just one person's account of riding a bike despite an amputation. Instead, this book is a collection of varied experiences and voices. I guess I should say that I haven't had any of my own limbs amputated, and this seemed to add to my fascination when reading this book. I'm guessing readers who have experienced amputation will approach this book looking for practical ideas; but I approached it finding nothing but pure inspiration. The book is simply dripping pure inspiration about how people can find ways to not only "move on," but "ride on!"In this book, people from all around the world tell their stories about amputations that result from everything from war to sickness to accidents -- and then everyone finds the bicycle as this liberating transportation technology. Some described in the book race bikes, others ride them for recreation, and still others integrate bike riding into their work day.I can't imagine a more exhaustive volume on the topic could be written and compiled. It includes the individual stories of many people, but also details about prothetic options, human-to-bike integration and adaptive technology, and discussions of various relevant health issues. Unlike many of the low-quality/self-published books I've read from Amazon lately, this one is professionally laid out and edited. It's a truly refreshing volume that I'm going to be thinking about for a long time.As a lifelong avid cyclist, I have to be frank: I'm amazed at how important bikes have been to so many people who have experienced amputations. I simply never knew about this topic, and this book has opened my eyes to so much.