Calling all amputees!

Here is your chance to discover the joy and fun of cycling.

A book especially for amputees who have been thinking about cycling, but have been too nervous to try yet.

Wishing everyone Happy Cycling in 2019!


ISBN-10: 1782550887 ISBN-13: 978-1782550884 


Stumps and Cranks - An Introduction to Amputee Cycling.

Whilst ideally suited for absolute beginners and non cyclists, this book is a first attempt at encouraging ALL types of amputees to discover an enjoyable form of exercise. Read this book and allow yourself to become closely connected with the thrills of pedalling around on two or more wheels. 

Designed to be read by adults and older children or families it sets out the basic elements of equipment, instruction and points of general care and attention advocated by cycling and health professionals who deal with such aspects on a daily basis.

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Have you read Stumps and Cranks already? What do you think about it?

The book has been out for two years and is selling out fast. If you are one of the lucky ones to have purchased (or won) a copy, please leave your reviews on Amazon, Ebay, Waterstones, Telegraph Books or WH Smith Book Store. All reviews welcome!

"The book is simply dripping pure inspiration about how people can find ways to not only "move on," but "ride on!"

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Not an amputee? Don't know any amputees but would like to see them enjoying cycling? Why not buy a book to donate to your local limb centre as a way of introducing more amputee children into cycling? Or arrange a fundraiser via your local cycling club to buy a book for your limb centre or your local library? Read it - you might just catch that bug and want to try to help amputees discover the joys of pedalling around on two or more wheels.