Calling all amputees!

Here is your chance to discover the joy and fun of cycling.

A book especially for amputees who have been thinking about cycling, but have been too nervous to try yet.

Wishing everyone lots of Happy Cycling in 2017! 

Stumps and Cranks - A Beginners Dream

Whilst ideally suited for absolute beginners and non cyclists, this book is a first attempt at encouraging ALL types of amputees to discover an enjoyable form of exercise. Read this book and allow yourself to become closely connected with the thrills of pedalling around on two or more wheels. 

Designed to be read by adults and older children or families it sets out the basic elements of equipment, instruction and points of general care and attention advocated by cycling and health professionals who deal with such aspects on a daily basis.

Stockists - because it's available everywhere! 

A list of stockists is here following the section about our wonderful publishers

2017 is a busy, fun year with lots of cycling planned! 

Look forward to meeting you along the way. Here are some preliminary dates for June:

11th June - Millport Family Fundraiser, Finding your Feet, Scotland -

16th-18th June - Cyclone Festival of Cycling -

24th June - LimbPower Junior Games Birmingham -

25th June - LimbPower Adult Multi Sports, Twickenham -

If it's too late to register to take part in the activity itself, why not come along and volunteer or spectate and cheer everyone along? 

Not an amputee? 

You can still donate Stumps and Cranks to amputees in your local area by buying a book and taking it to your nearest limb centre (here or here). Ring them first and post photos to us on Twitter or Facebook of the donation.